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50 Bridges - 50 Walls at AIS

‘50 Bridges’ comprises three elements: ‘50 Walls’ - which brought public art to 50 Singapore heartlands locations; ‘50 performances’ - a program of puppetry performances and film; and ‘50 BBQs’ - 50 simultaneous BBQs, offering a meal of Aussie steak on a special night in June 2015. These are the walls which have been created at the Australian International School.

Matt Adnate

A 4 storey work facing one of Singapore's CTE Freeway side of the school. Now one of the most prominent public works in Singapore.  

Mike Makatron - Merlion

Mike Maka kicks off the walls with the Singapore icon, the Merlion, Maka style.

Trase1 - Singaporean artist

A high profile Singaporean artist who worked throughout the day demonstrating the technique to students.

HA HA - collaboratives

Yr 11 and 12 students install their portraits in the canteen area.


Australia's most renowned female street artist worked for 3 days installing her Starlings which migrate annually from Australia to Singapore.

HA HA - Animals

Pop up animals matching the preschool classes names appear around the school.

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