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Personal artwork

I have a passion for photography so have predominately worked in the photographic form. I also love printmaking, painting and ceramics.

Isometric wall
Golden Flower - Red Vortex
Singapore - Gingers
Blue Green and Red - Heart Spaces
Heart Spaces - Potentials
Heart Spaces - Spoken Truth
Golden Channel - Heart Spaces
Large Geometric flower - White Pink and purple
Night Festival 5 @ SAM 27th Aug.jpg
Night Festival 6 @ SAM 27th Aug.jpg
Image (35).jpg
Cotter Nick adjust.jpg
Bali Art Camp 20140617.jpg
Rose and Bamboo.jpg
Built 1 Mr C.jpg
Bali woman.jpg
Dry Riser.jpg
Beware Mr C.jpg
Kangaroo Paw (2004) Nick.jpg
Desert Pea (2003) Nick.jpg
Flannel Flower (2002)  Nick.jpg
Banksia (2003) Nick.jpg
Night Festival 8 @ SAM 27th Aug.jpg
Night Festival 4 @ SAM 27th Aug.jpg
Anantara Beach 6.jpg
Bali Art Camp 20140093.jpg

Since very young I have always been interested in photography. As a teenager I was alway taking photos and was often recognised for the quality of my photographs. I went on to be a professionally trained photographer which has given me the eye for photographic expression. Since becoming a teacher I have broadened my expressive forms and now enjoy skills in printmaking, ceramics and painting and drawing.

Personal exploration of artforms

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